The Blue Yeti is a popular microphone marketed to be much more than what it is. For the money you can get something that sounds so much better. Here's why the Yeti isn't so great:

  • It’s a condenser microphone and is less forgiving in un-treated rooms.

  • Quality is meh compared to everything else in it’s category.

  • It comes with a built in stand and people just put it on their desk instead of getting it close to their mouth and using it like an actual microphone.

That's all. Just trying to save the world of podcasting from the onslaught of this very average microphone.



The Shure MV7 covers all bases. It sounds great, works well in most environments, has flexibility with I/O and doesn’t break the bank. This is what all the cool kids are using these days (rightly so). It is more expensive than the Yeti, so I'd recommend the Samson Q9U as a more direct replacement.

Budget Option

AT ATR -2100x

This mic from Audio Technica is a strong step up from your AirPods or laptop. You’ll sound like a true podcaster. The main downside is its quite plosive heavy (those short sharp bursts of air hitting the microphone that sound unpleasant). But, for $79, you can’t beat it.

I already have a blue yeti, ffs

Don't worry. I got u boo. The Yeti can be fine if you change a few things. Get the mic close to your mouth and off the table with a mic stand. Treat your room with pillows, carpets and curtains. But ultimately you'd be better just throwing it in the bin and getting one of the suggested options.

"Don’t get a blue yeti it is so bad. Get a shure SM7B"

Jack Ellis - Successful Twitter influencer

Big baller option

Shure SM7B

Hey there, big spender! This $400 legendary dynamic microphone will have you sounding better than you'd ever imagined. If you want the best, go for it, but note you’ll also need to buy a Cloudlifter ($145) to increase the gain and an interface like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ($135) because it’s XLR only.


If you have a Blue Yeti and also hate it, send me a tweet and I'll send you a funny GIF to make you feel better about your terrible purchase.

Created by James from PodPanda. Just really don't like the Yeti.